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August 13, 2018
Business Law News
August 15, 2018

Happening in Dispute Resolution

The University of Ghana losses in arbitration and has been ordered to $160 million in termination cost to Africa Integras. The University of Ghana entered into a build operate and transfer (BOT) contract with  Africa Integras, a New York-headquartered private equity firm to expand and build new facilities to accommodate the University’s growing needs. On August 2 the London Court of International Arbitration entered a judgment of  $160 million against the Univerity of Ghana in favor of Africa Integras after the arbitral tribunal found that the University of Ghana failed to fulfill its contractual obligation with Africa Integras.

Changes coming to India’s arbitration laws as the lower house of  India passes legislation to clarify and change India’s arbitration legislation which entered into force three years ago.

After several days of it Irish pilots joining fellow pilots in Belguim, Sweden, Netherland, and Germany in a  series of strikes, Ryanair has entered into a  mediation talks with it Irish Pilot in an attempt to resolve the pilots complains around wages and working conditions to end further disruptions in the airline’s services.

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